SPR16 (2nd Generation) – Slurry Phase Reactor System

Fast, parallel testing of multiphase heterogeneous or homogeneous catalytic reactions.

The automated slurry phase reactor system SPR16 was developed in 2002. It was part of the European Combicat project, and the result of the cooperation between DSM, a chemical company from the Netherlands, and AMTECH. After 7 successful years, the SPR system was revolutionized to become SPR16 (2nd generation). Among other factors, a variety of customer experiences provided the basis for the new SPR system.

System Features

  • 16 independently operable batch reactors
  • temperature, pressure and stirrers are individually adjustable
  • variable, automated gas and liquid feed
  • patented sampling procedure
  • control PC for experiment scheduling and analysis
  • flexible GUI/SCADA software

The system may be extended with the following supplementary modules:

  • high temperature module
  • liquid flow module
  • gas sampler
  • continuous feed module
  • slurry filter
  • catalyst baskets

System Applications

  • testing of catalysts, liquids, co-agents and solvents
  • kinetic studies and mass transfer investigations
  • fine chemistry, life science, polymer chemistry
  • variety of heterogeneous and homogeneous multiphase batch catalytic processes: hydrogenation, carbonylations, hydroformylations, oxidations, hydrogenolysis

Standard Configuration

  • reactor volume: 15 ml
  • operating pressure: up to 150 bar
  • operating temperature: up to 250°C for pre-treatment, 220°C for reactions
  • stirring speed: 0-2000 rpm

Find out more about SPR16 and contact us via info(at)amtech-htt.de!

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