Quality testing and quality control under real process conditions - ensuring product safety with our catalyst testing systems.

Our new quality monitoring system allows for even more reliable, reproducible catalyst production. The system is designed for automated parallel testing and quality monitoring of Denox catalysts, under real process conditions. A fine-tunable realistic exhaust gas mixture is fed into a reactor loaded with catalyst samples. The system performs activity and selectivity tests of representative catalyst monoliths/plates according to predefined, reproducible test programs.

System Features

  • 1 reactor accommodating several catalyst plates
  • gas or oil burner, fan system, ageing unit
  • temperature, space velocity and gas concentrations are variable and programmable
  • reproducibility by the use of reliable test results
  • control PC for experiment scheduling and analysis
  • Windows PC incl. GUI/SCADA software

System Applications

  • tests of catalysts with Denox reactions
  • quality control of power plant catalysts
  • analysis of newly developed catalysts
  • R&D

Standard Configuration

  • maximum operating temperature: 500°C
  • working pressure: 990 mbar - atm
  • up to 4 gases can be dosed
  • maximum catalyst length: 750 mm
  • maximum catalyst width: 70 mm
  • gas flow rate max.: 212 m3/h

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