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Compress your product development cycles with high throughput screening - technology advanced

Our key expertise is the development, production and international marketing of automated, parallel testing equipment. In detail, we focus on automated testing and sampling technique for htt (high throughput technology) in chemistry and material sciences R&D. Such reactor systems allow for quick testing processes on a small scale. Thus, both development expenses and time to market launch are minimized.

We know the demands of our customers, take up technological challenges, and provide certificated quality in our standard systems as well as in our customized systems. (Michael Krusche, CEO)

We close the gap between simple autoclaves or low automation tube reactors and fully automated work flows.

Media supply, series of tests and process control are automated, and moreover all of our products are offered at an exceptional, unrivaled price.

Our goal is to provide excellent technical solutions coupled with reliable chemical engineering service, thus supporting chemical and pharmaceutical as well as material science companies in shortening their market launch times of

  • new catalysts
  • materials
  • medicine

PRINTCR3DIT Summer School 2018

This free PRINTCR3DIT summer school will take place August 30–31, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Published on 2018-06-04 – [ read more ]

AMTECH at Emissions 2018 in Livonia, Michigan

Emissions 2018 will take place May 23–24, 2018 in Livonia, Michigan.

Published on 2018-02-26 – [ read more ]

Events in March 2018

  • NCCC XIX in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands (March 5–7, 2018)
  • DBI forum “Hydrogen & Fuel Cells” in Mainz, Germany (March 7–8, 2018)
  • JTR KAT 2018 in Weimar, Germany (March 14–16, 2018)

Published on 2018-02-23 – [ read more ]

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